Tapestry to the Rescue


In mid-March, the UBC Botanical Garden was forced to close due to COVID-19. This was a potential death sentence for a collection of about 550 young Pelargonium plants (a beautiful flowering plant), which had been lovingly attended by Friends of the Garden (FOG), including two Tapestry at Wesbrook Village residents Shirley Gillam and Hanno Pinder. To save the plants, Shirley and Hanno worked with Tapestry to find an appropriate place to shelter the plants and relocated them to the 7th-floor hallway at Tapestry here. 40 beautiful Pelargoniums saved from an untimely demise grace the windowsills at Tapestry at Wesbrook Village where they are carefully watered and fed. Everybody at Tapestry enjoys the plants, which in the current COVID-19 pandemic, are a tangible representation of life, hope, and health.

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