Doughgirls: Hot Chocolate Festival


The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival is back for its 10th run this year, and once again Doughgirls Bakeshop will be participating with TWO of their own specialty creations 

The annual celebration of all things hot chocolate is kicking off on January 18, 2020 and runs until February 14, 2020 – which means you have tons of time to try all 44 of the participating ‘chocstars’ at this year’s fest, including our very own Doughgirls. Get ready to dig into some seriously sweet treats and come try their fiery-hot 'Mayan Fire' Hot Chocolate and the soothing 'Zen Matcha' Hot Chocolate starting this Saturday!


MAYAN FIRE (Anniversary Classic)

Inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization (which considered the cocoa plant as a divine gift from the Gods and used it in sacred rituals to reconstitute the body and develop psychic abilities). This 'Mayan Fire' classic drink makes it comeback in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the festival and consists of dark and Mexican chocolates and a secret blend of chilies, spices, masa, seeds and nuts. It is made in the spirit of a traditional mole with complex flavours and a slow-warming effect. Served with a Mexican Chocolate Mole cookie and fresh orange.


Historically, matcha tea powder was used by Japanese and Chinese monks for its medicinal properties. In our modern era, the matcha tea ceremony remains a graceful ritual bonding people through mindfulness and respect and focus on the now. It honours the Zen spirit while healing the body and soothing the soul. The 'Zen Matcha' hot chocolate combines the calming power of the matcha with the invigorating power of chocolate to bring comfort to the body. Served with a 'Black Sesame Shortbread' and 'Sweet Yam Surprise'.

Date: January 18, 2020 - February 14, 2020
Location: Doughgirls Bakeshop (3322 Shrum Lane, V6S 0B1)

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