BierCraft putting takeout sales into staff support fund


COVID-19: BierCraft putting takeout sales into staff support fund

Patrick Johnston of the Vancouver Sun explores how the Wesbrook Village location of BierCraft, the popular local chain of Belgian beer-focused restaurants, is running a special takeout-only menu with proceeds going to their staff...“A lot of these workers, they relied on tips to pay their students loans, rents,” Garret Hohl, acting general manager of BierCraft’s UBC location, said Tuesday. “EI doesn’t cover tips. They’re not just losing their wages.” Ownership came up with a plan to re-open the UBC kitchen and serve a limited takeout menu, with all profits going towards a fund that will be used to support their laid-off staff" 

Call BierCraft directly at 604.559.2437 or place an order via Ubereats. Card Payments Encouraged (Debit & Credit)                                                                                                

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